mBOK‏ – Bank of Khartoum

mBOK‏ – Bank of Khartoum

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تحميل بنك الخرطوم mBOK = للأندرويد

Today we are on a date with a new application of free Android applications, which a large number of people are searching for, as this program is one of the important applications for them. Today’s application is directed to the people of the sisterly state of Sudan because it is considered a special application that facilitates a lot of their transactions. Banking, what I am talking about today is the Bank of Khartoum 2021 APK.

Bank of Khartoum 2021 mBOK

Bank of Khartoum is one of the first banks to be established in the State of Sudan, as this bank is the oldest bank in Sudan, so it is one of the most important and strongest banks in Sudan, and it is also considered a key member of the Union of Banks in the State of Sudan.

The emergence of the Bank of Khartoum

The establishment of this bank was somewhat early, as after a few years after the entry of the British colonialism, Colonialism Alangelaza, specifically in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirteen 1913 AD, this bank was established and was named after Barclays Bank Khartoum at this time, and in its capacity as one of the famous branches of Barclays Bank which is the most important And the largest of the banks of England, where this bank became dealt with locally and internationally, and since that time it has become very popular, so he managed to win the confidence of millions over the ages.

Bank of Khartoum application in Arabic

The Bank of Khartoum mobile application is a very useful application for many Sudanese people, and this beautiful application was designed by Bank of Khartoum as a free service for the bank’s customers, where all Bank of Khartoum customers can download the Bank of Khartoum application in Arabic.

And take advantage of the services available to all bank customers from anywhere in the world. After you download the application of the Bank of Khartoum, you can do a lot of banking services that the application allows you without the need to go to one of the bank’s branches and waste a lot of time waiting.

Bank of Khartoum mobile program

The Bank of Khartoum mobile program supports many modern smartphone devices, such as iPhone devices of various kinds. You can also download the Bank of Khartoum app for Android that supports most mobile devices running on the Android system, then, after all, Bank of Khartoum mbok customers can enjoy the services of the bank through devices Their mobile phone by internet connection.

Download the application of the Bank of Khartoum

There are many special benefits that the program provides for all bank customers, as this distinguished application enables them to transfer money to and from other client accounts, and there are many other benefits that I will list the most important later in the program properties, and to save time and effort on our site visitors we provide You download Khartoum Bank APK with a direct link.

How to register in mbok mobile program

  • What I am talking about in this paragraph is explaining how to log in to the bank of Khartoum mbok application, and this of course after completing the download of the Bank of Khartoum application for Android, as well as after completing installing the application on your mobile phone, and the next step that comes after cleaning up the mBOK bank mobile banking program It is logging in to the bank’s bank page, by registering your mobile number or CIF code and then the password.
  • After you log in to the mobile banking application, you will notice that this amazing application gives you several great services, for example, an option that you will find that allows you to know all the branches of mBOK Bank in the state of Sudan, which is the location you have to click on and then after that you have to click on an option BOK Branch You will notice that the mbok bank of Khartoum app will display all the branches of the bank.
  • The application also allows you to request help from the bank by pressing the Help option and then adding your data such as name and CIF number as well as your e-mail, after which you have to choose the type of assistance you want to inquire about and then click the Submit option.

The most important characteristics of the mBOK program

  • One of the most beautiful services of Bank of Khartoum, which this distinguished application provides you with is the ability to check your account at any time and find out the transactions that take place on it.
  • The new Bank of Khartoum application can simply pay customs fees.
  • Through the mobile banking service, you can charge the mobile phone at any time and at any amount.
  • Through this application you can also recharge smart fuel cards.
  • The mBOK Bank of Khartoum program provides you with the ability to transfer funds to other accounts.
  • You can also control the ATM card easily after you have finished downloading the new Bank of Khartoum mbok program.

App Info

Name: mBOK‏ – Bank of Khartoum
Version: 4.40
Size: 9.6MB
Package: com.mode.bok.ui
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: FinanceApplication
Developer: Bank of Khartoum

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