تنزيل برنامج Mindomo برابط مباشر مجانا لنظام تشغيل Windows أحدث إصدار 10.1.0 لعام 2021 - 2022 من موقع كويجي.

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Mindomo mind mapping software allows users to create good plans of ideas related to each other, and make connections between related content.

Features of Download Mindomo 2021 for PC

  • Mindomo download allows users to create detailed and professional mind maps with specific sub-notes on the map.
  • Besides many customization options during use, Download Mindomo will help you manage your business or creative ideas in an intuitive and beautiful map.
  • With Mindomo 2021 free download, you can draw mind maps with basic features like making connections between topics.
  • Integration with many other applications such as Office 365, Google Apps … etc.
  • Play mode allows others to be displayed on the map.
  • Easy integration with the files on your computer.
  • After downloading the mindmap, you will notice that he has the ability to work independently.
  • After downloading Mindomo for PC latest version 2021 for free with a direct link, you can synchronize mind maps across platforms.
  • Automatically incorporate changes to the map.
  • When using Mindomo Desktop, you can not only publish the map to your account online, but you can also save it locally as Open XML to take it anywhere.
  • The app installed on the device can work independently or you can sync with the maps created online.
  • During synchronization, your changes will also be combined with other users to form the final file.
  • In addition, using the install version also allows drag and drop files, and insert images from computer to map.
  • Mindomo gives you a completely elegant interface with control panel options, management tools, or undo/redo, share, icons to the left of the interface allow entry of notes, links, images and items.

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